Tickets and prices

If you would like to give Tropicarium tickets as present, you can buy it in our cashier desk in advance, it is valid for 6 moths (please inform the cashier about it) or online

You can only pay buy Hungarian Forint (HUF) or with bankcard.


(Between age 18-65)
2.700.- Ft/person
Children, Senior
(between age of 4-18 and senior over age of 65)
2.000.- Ft/person
Kids under 4
(if arrive with family)


Adults in groups
(adults between age of 18-65)
2.300.- Ft/person
Children, student in groups, seniors
(children up to 18 years, students up to 18 years, seniors over age of 65)
We only provide group discount for at least 15 visitors, who are in a same age class.
1.700.- Ft/person
2 adult + 2 children (2700.- + 2700.- + 1700.- + 1700.- )
(additional children 1.700.- Ft/person)
8.800.- Ft
Would like to visit us more than once? You buy unlimited entry annual pass, which is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
If an Annual Pass holder arrive someone without pass, we provided 15% discount from the tickets price for the non-holder.


Adult pass: 11.500.-Ft/person
Children pass: 8.500.-Ft/person

You use the following discount in Tropicarium:

  • Hungary card (15%)
  • Budapest card (15%)
  • Minicards (15%)