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For 30-35 person.

Within the company programs, participants encounter wild environment, adventure and challenge in the unusual program called Adventure Tour. With the exotic animals of the Tropicarium, participants of the program can test their personal risk-taking and stress-bearing abilities. During the adventure tour full of experiences, the participants can strengthen their relationship within their teams.

It is a rich program lasting for 1.5-2 hours. In an ideal case the program should be attended by 30-35 people (5 teams with 6-7 members each). There can be fewer participants but the number can only be higher if some of them do not participate in the game but only support the teams or fill in questionnaires.
Price: 95.000,-Ft (includes VAT) + 3500,-Ft/person (includes VAT) + or 320 EURO (includes VAT) + 12 EURO / each

More information and application:

Telefon: +36-1/424-3052, +36-1/424-3053

E-mail: info@tropicarium.hu


A hosszú hétvége (március 30 – április 2.) minden napján: 10:00 – 20:00 óráig, pénztárzárás 19:00 órakor.

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