• Any complaint is to be submitted before leaving the ticket desk.
  • Video films or photos can only be taken in the exhibition area for own use but no flash allowed.
  • Air balloons, shopping carts, child cabs may not be taken in the exhibition area.
  • The exhibition can be visited with a wheelchair or pram.
  • The animals may only be stroked, fed or touched at the appointed place – e.g. ray stroking area – using the appointed food.
  • Birds fly freely in several rooms; all visitors enter with their responsibility.
  • In order to avoid accidents, please take care of yourselves and your partners.
  • Please don’t litter pls throw out garbage in the bins.
  • You may not re-enter once you have left the exhibition area.
  • There is restrooms in the exhibitionts near the entrance.
  • There are coffee and soft drink vending machines in the exhibition area for the visitors to use.
  • Smoking is prohibited.
  • Dogs are not allowed to bring into the zoo, except Registered Assistant Dogs.
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2019. március 23-án, szombaton reggeltől a Budafokot érintő egyes járatok közlekedésében korlátozások várhatóak, így módosul a Tropicarium megközelíthetősége is az alábbiak szerint:

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