Kid’s birthday

In the Tropicarium, we organize unconventional and action-packed birthday parties for your school-age children under the age of 14.

We have a 3-hour-program:

  • 30 minutes: getting to know each other with games and talk
  • animal feeding, petting and touching with a guidance

They can visit places such as the quarantine and filter room with professional guidance, these rooms are not accessible for regular visitors. This takes 1,5-2 hours

  • cake eating in the decorated conference hall and opening up the presents.

Basic Price: 50.000 (includes VAT) which contains the child’s and two parents participation + 1700 Ft/ kid (includes VAT)
With English guidance: 60.000 Ft (includes VAT) which contains the child’s and two parents participation + 1700 Ft/ kid (includes VAT)

You can also pay with SZÉP card, with „freetime” part.

We can write bill on the given name and adress about the renting or the party service and organization.

Important to know:

  • we organize programs for school-age children, because the smaller kids are more playful and unbounded and they wouldn’t „stand” 3 hours in a row without running and playing
  • the program takes 3 hours, begins at 5 pm and finishes at 20 pm, because of closing
  • we can organize this program just on Friday afternoons, the reason is, that we have many visitors in the weekend and children wouldn’t be able to see the aquariums properly.
  • maximum guest number : 15 kids, above this, you have to contact and cooperate with us before the event.
  • all the recquired food have to be brought by the parents (snacks, drinks, cake) because demands are different
  • we decorate our conference hall for the kids with our own items and utensils
  • the celebrated kid’s parents can stay during the party, but we don’t have enough space for all the other parents. We take the kids at 5 pm and give them back at 8 pm.
  • nobody leaves the party without a present, we give the children balloons and a surprise
  • you don’t have to pay in advance, you can pay after the party in cash (if a bill is recquired, let us know before)
  • please tell us in time if you have chosen us to give your kid an unforgettable experience, because there is just one party/week organized.