Conference Hall

The Tropicarium’s conference hall has a surface of 230 m2with 50 m2  gallery and an own entrance. There is enough space for 80-120 visitors.

What is very special and extraordinary about this place is the aquarium wall with sharks. The unique and compelling scenery can also be hidden with a special curtain system and be unfolded at the right moment for the quests to see the spectacular aquatic world.

Our conference hall was designed by well-known interior designers who decoreated the wall with unique mosaic pictures. The comfort of our guests is very important for us, so we built our conference hall the most convenient way. We have an own cloakroom, a bar, a kitchen, a preparing room, a small changing room and restrooms which are available meanwhile the events.

According to our possibilities, we can transform our set up (tables, chairs) the way it is best for the visitors and event.

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The niveau of the events is provided by:

  • Turbosound system
  • projector, screening facilities
  • outstanding, multifunctional lighting system
  • visual elements with optical fiber technic ( for example: starry ceiling)
  • stage

Our conference hall is suitable for business programs:

  • courses
  • fashion shows
  • display of products
  • business dinners
  • press conferences
  • buffet receptions
  • balls

We are waiting for guests, who want to celebrate important occassions in an extraordinary place in case of:

  • -bachelorette and bachelor parties
  • wedding
  • birthdays
  • banquets and graduations
  • friends reunions and gatherings
  • cocktail parties

We offer you full organizational and catering service on your demand.

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