Adventure trip

Adventure trip for companies

What is actually an „adventure trip”?

Ideally, 30-35 people can take part in our program (approximately  5 teams with 6-7 people). Adventures and challanges are waiting for the participants during the „Tropicadventure”. With the cooperation of tropic animals of the Tropicarium, contestants can test their abilities of taking risks and dealing with stress.

Competitors, meanwhile the adventure trip can strenghten their bonds to each other under unusual circumstances. They have to complete their tasks with snakes, sharks and other animals living in the Tropicarium.

Our programs

  • giving the opportunity for trying out bravery and persistence
  • enhancing team spirit
  • giving an unforgettable experience to the employees of the companies and enriches the parties, meetings and conferences with 1,5 hours of programs.
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[dt_sc_colored_box title=”Price” backgroundcolor=”#021626″ textcolor=”#ffffff”]

95.000 Ft (includes VAT)+ 3500 Ft/person (includes VAT)


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    FIGYELEM! A csütörtöki CÁPA LÁTVÁNYETETÉS technikai okok miatt február 28-ig elmarad. Megértésüket köszönjük: Tropicarium Vezetősége

    Frissítve: 2021.02.28.

    A Tropicarium 2020. november 11-től zárva tart.
    Reméljük, mielőbb találkozunk, addig is kövessenek minket online.

    We're temporarily closed due to covid-19