Lyon tamarin paddock

Golden Headed Lion Tamarin - Leontopithecus chrysomelas

Crested wood partridge - Rollulus roulroul

Cotton top tamarin paddock

Cotton-top tamarin - Saguinus oedipus

Red footed tortoise - Chelonoidis carbonaria

Crested wood partridge - Rollulus roulroul

Snake terrarium 1

False water cobra - Hydrodynastes gigas

Size: 220-300 cm

Distribution: it’s endemic to South America

Food: fish, frogs, rodents

Fun Fact:   the false water cobra is endemic to South America. It is a venomous species however its venom is not too strong. The chance of envenomation in case of a bite is also quite low as this species have its fangs at the rear end of the mouth. Its venom has a blood thinning (anticoagulant) effect.

When threatened, it has the ability to flatten its neck similar to real cobras, which is a defensive reaction to look bigger and more intimidating, successfully scaring away potential predators.

Snake terrarium 2

Ball python - Python regius

Size: 1,5 m

Distribution: they are found in central and west Africa

Food: rodents, lizards and small birds

Fun Fact: Has a wide geographic range, can be found in tropical forests as well as on dry land, even in cultivated grasslands. It is the smallest amongst African pythons. Some tribes in Africa hunt them for their skin and their meat.

When threatened, coils up into a tight ball with its head and tail in the middle. The female lays eggs, curls around them and stays like this until they hatch. The little snakes reach maturity around 3-5 years old. The oldest known ball python lived up to 48 years old!

Snake terrarium 3

Honduran milk snake
- triangulum hondurensis

Snake terrarium 4

Green tree python - Morelia viridis

Snake terrarium 5

Rainbow boa - Epicrates cenchria cenchria

Cuban boa - Epicrates angulifer

Snake terrarium 6

Albino Reticulated python - Python reticulatus

Snake terrarium 7

Reticulated python - Python reticulatus


Silvery-cheeked hornbill - Bycanistes brevis

Hill mynah - Gracula religiosa

Ross's turaco - Musophaga rossae

Red-crested turaco - Tauraco erythrolophus

Guinea turaco - Tauraco persa